The Lonely e-Publisher

As I began work on my first novel back in 2002, I had a simple goal.  Create a reasonably readable product with a beginning, a middle and an end.  At completion of the first title I had progressed through a series of starts, changes of direction, and an expansion of vision.

My intended content covered far more than possible in a single novel.  I had my basic plot for a beginning, middle and end, but the middle involved far more detail than I had expected.  I then outlined a series covering three titles.

Not far into my second title research uncovered a new twist.  The British Empire fought not only the Nazis and fascists in Europe but the fascists in Ethiopia.  With an underlying motive of emphasizing the tremendous struggle of the British Empire during the first years of war, this aspect of the battle fit my character perfectly.  So off he went to Khartoum in the Sudan, then on into Ethiopia, or what Mussolini considered an expansion of the Italian Empire.  I now think I can finally reach my initial end with the ninth novel.  One or two more after I complete Stonechild and the 8th.


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