Series Title Summaries

Seven Book Series Plot Intros

Stonechild Volunteers:  From a sense of limbo at an Industrial Training School for Canadian Aboriginals to training with the Gall Light Armoured in the Scottish lowlands, Russell Stonechild’s life changes.  With a latent gift for languages, and the physical background of life on a northern trapline Russell is uniquely equipped for the opportunities offered by a new and unique regiment.  A seasoned ghurka master sergeant tests Russell’s mettle  and prepares him for a future role as military scout. 

 Stonechild and the Minotaur Maze: In September, 1939, Hitler’s unprovoked ambush of Poland, leads to Britain and France declaring war on Germany.  Russell Stonechild and the Gall Light Armoured form the first contingent of British soldiers arriving on French soil.  Fletcher McAlpin, the Gall chaplain, has important knowledge of a specialized air-borne camera. Lord Gort, commander of the British Armies, persuades the pacifist, Fletcher into a dangerous and secret overflight of the French-German border in order to photograph and assess dangers to British landings in France. Russell accompanies Fletcher. Their data points to a secret build-up of Nazi forces adjacent to the Maginot Line in the French province of Alsace.

Russell crosses the border into Germany to gather intelligence, sabotage and steal.

Stonechild’s Enigma: Wounded in a scouting expedition into Germany, Russell’s partial recovery occurs under the watchful eye of Martha Cone, Lord McAlpin’s overseer of an all-female group of communication specialists.  Having recovered code books and a sample of the German’s secret coding device known as the Enigma machine, Russell has opened himself to an unwelcome world of secrets, moving him beyond the everyday world of a practical soldier.  

Russell returns to his battalion with a packet of poison pills for consumption on point of capture, and a charge to watch for enemy spies, infiltrators, and encryption technology.

Russell encounters the delightful, little donkey, Rashid who is quickly integrated into the Galls, and becomes a key player in several military encounters.

The sudden German attack on June 9th, 1940 catches the French and British with their pants down.  Russell and the Galls, fight for their lives and freedom.

Once more Russell applies wits and skill to snatch a small victory from crushing defeat.

Emperor’s Messenger:  It is early July, 1940.  In a single month, the Germans have defeated the combined armies of Britain and France.  In the final hours of the German attack, Russell led a small force through German lines to the town of Oostende, where he rescued a group of Belgians from a Gestapo murder squad. 

The uplanned rescue of the Belgians leads through a tortuous series of events ending in Russell’s assignment to the command of Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Selassie. 

The Mediterranean Sea is crucial to British oil supplies and retaining those oil supplies is basic to Britain’s faint hope of continuing a successful campaign against Hitler.  Joseph Kennedy, American ambassador to Britain, has declared the British cause hopeless.

Haile Selassie is a key player to ongoing access to those oil supplies.

Carrying orders from Selassie, Russell travels to Khartoum in the Sudan where he faces a new world, new languages, and new cultures in order to mount a solo expedition into Italian occupied Ethiopia. 

Stonechild in Abyssinia

Stonechild and Mamluk Treasure


Remaining books yet to be written as of June 2016 include:

Stonechild and the 8th

Stonechild’s Glider Drop or any other titles due to some unexpected plot twist.

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