Welcome to the Stonechild Chronicles Web Site

Welcome to the Stonechild Chronicles web page.  Why the Stonechild Chronicles?  Probably reaction.  A reaction intended to right a few historical wrongs. Historical wrongs in my mind at least.

I begin with the early history of North America.  A history where a few Europeans are given full credit for the exploration of a continent and those aboriginal guides familiar with the terrain are virtually ignored.  Often not even named.  In Russell Stonechild we have an individual who exemplifies many traits necessary to aboriginal survival.  His heroic characteristics are meant as a partial tip of the hat to the real first explorers of the continent.

We are all fascinated by prodigies.  Piano prodigies.  Chess Prodigies. Language prodigies.  Innate genius leaps boundaries of race, culture and class.  Russell Stonechild, a young Cree  enters the world as a language prodigy.  This gift, added to his skills as a woodsman prepare the way for extra-ordinary adventures.

For most readers today it would appear as though the United States won the Second World War all on its own.  The bulk of historical fiction ignores many facts.  Facts such as the manner in which the United States stood by as a bystander during the first three years of warfare.  Facts of its action as war profiteer during those same three years of draining the treasuries of the British Empire while taking credit for the role of supportive cheerleader.





3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Stonechild Chronicles Web Site

  1. James Vansandt says:

    I have read your first four Stonechild novels and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them. I am an educator who loves and teaches history in a public school and theology in a private college. I like the way you weave spirituality through the eyes of your characters. Great job. Your combination of real people and real events mixed with your own characters has caused me to research various items in deeper detail. Thanks for that.

    I also liked the book about your dad’s experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    • James Vansandt says:

      So now, almost a year later ifindmyself responding. I apologize for the delay. We are now living in a remote village on the lower Yukon River delta. Internet is sporadic.
      In regards to the emperor book…. I have read it three times. The first time I found it difficult to follow the second time I used it as a springboard for further historical context and knowledge,and the third time it flowed much better for me.
      How are the next books progressing?

    • I am sure I have your email, but couldn’t locate it. You noted difficulties in reading Stonechild and Mamluk Treasure. I opened the title in my ereader and found it not just difficult but impossible. I apologise for not double checking. I felt I had followed the same pattern as previous books, but somewhere a glitch crept in. It took me weeks to resolve, and I have no confidence I really found the issue. I’m looking at two things. There is the new software provided by Kobo. And there is an intermediary program I have just started to use. Scrivener by Literature and Latte. It’s a wonderful aid to complex writing where one needs to keep track of data as one writes, but I feel it throws some invisible code into the works which may be my problem.

      Thanks so much for your heads up. I will never again publish without thorough checking. I have republished “Stonechild and Mamluk Treasure.” It will be free to download for the next few months.

      I also republished “Stonechild and the Emperor” by breaking that novel into two. “Stonechild: Emperor’s Messenger,” and “Stonechild in Abyssinia.” These will also be free to download for the next few weeks.

      Trust you are finding home in your new location.

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