The e-publishing world races on

My wife would say I’ve been on a writing binge regarding the Stonechild Chronicles.  So much time there is little time for keeping up with the web site.  The series, though,  nears an end.  Maybe another two years.  The end has been there since day one.  The route, though, has been complex.  Another issue willContinue reading “The e-publishing world races on”

The Christian in a Post-truth World

Being a linear thinker I’ve had difficulty shifting to a post-truth world where data means naught and feelings mean everything.  Through the years I’ve nestled safely within the arms of governments conscious of Christian values of morality, fidelity, charity and a belief in the Almighty according to a Judaeo-Christian worldview. A belief that marriage existsContinue reading “The Christian in a Post-truth World”

First Novel

Stonechild Volunteers takes an individual born into primitive circumstances uniquely equipping him for imminent hazards. Added to the experience base of trapper, fur-trader he  possesses another asset, the gift of language prodigy. These combined assets and a devotion to duty bring Russell Stonechild to the attention of his regimental commander in the Gall Light Armored. Continue reading “First Novel”

EIN’s or United States Employer Identification Number

With an EIN, or Employer Identification Number in hand I can now approach any United States Electronic Book Publisher and receive my royalties without the IRS with-holding tax of 30%, as discussed in the previous post. I am still publishing through Kobo without a requirement for an EIN, but now feel less shackled should IContinue reading “EIN’s or United States Employer Identification Number”

EIN’s, Smashwords and Kobobooks

My kids bought me a Macbook Air for Christmas (2015).  Now I can have more parallel playtime with my wife as we sit, side by side, in the living room while I write and she puzzles.  Exciting, what? I have erased all of my titles from Smashwords.  Rather hard to do, since Mark Coker hasContinue reading “EIN’s, Smashwords and Kobobooks”

A gun for Alfi Bey

I have written nothing for the past two months. A trip and research. Today I have been verifying and expanding on my research into the potential of the Mamluk, Alfi Bey, gaining possession of accurate firing rifles in the late 1700’s, when such weapons would be an extreme oddity if any existed. I believe thatContinue reading “A gun for Alfi Bey”

Stonechild and Gilf Kebir

As I read widely on the first few years of the British Empire’s struggle against the Axis forces, the logic behind my main character, Russell Stonechild, and the natural progression of the military struggle led to Africa. I have always been interested in geography, and my early research identified an interesting geographic location. “The GilfContinue reading “Stonechild and Gilf Kebir”

Kobo vs Smashwords vs whoknows

The Stonechild Chronicles began to take shape sometime around 2002.  I began to write and to explore publishing opportunities.  I bought books on publishing and completed my first novel, Stonechild Volunteers.  I began planning a series and adopted the overall name, The Stonechild Chronicles.  I began sending query letters to publishers and agents, and quicklyContinue reading “Kobo vs Smashwords vs whoknows”