The e-publishing world races on

My wife would say I’ve been on a writing binge regarding the Stonechild Chronicles.  So much time there is little time for keeping up with the web site.  The series, though,  nears an end.  Maybe another two years.  The end has been there since day one.  The route, though, has been complex.  Another issue will be re-editing.  I feel they are good stories without adequate editing.  And, that’s another problem.

The re-editing of the first novel, Stonechild Volunteers occupied the last six weeks, and I know it needs more, but it is better.  (Oh for a professional editor.)

With that editing done, I hope to add Stonechild Volunteers to Amazon in addition to

I do owe an apology to  those who’ve been following the adventures of Russell Stonechild and looking for the grand finale as I’ve interrupted my Stonechild series to work on a novel entitled, A Different Manger.  Once that is complete it will be time to market both of these titles as books on paper.

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I spent most of my professional years working in Educational Technology. A job and a passion. I am now trying to retool as a writer. My web site focuses on the Stonechild Chronicles, novels of a young Cree trapper and linguistic prodigy who volunteers for a private Scots regiment as the world braces for WW 2. I publish through If you search there by Jim Burk or Stonechild you will find my content including a biography of my father, "Horses, Trails and Trophies."

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