Horses, Trails and Trophies

Horses, Trails and Trophies
Cover image for Horses, Trails and Trophies

Horses, Trails and Trophies is a little off topic from the seven novel series in the Stonechild Chronicles. However, without Horses, Trails, and Trophies, there would be no Stonechild Chronicles. Working on my Dad’s biography put me in the mood for writing. Living and working with my Dad also provided background leading to the Stonechild Chronicles.

Del Burk’s biography describes a life rich in experience and people. From a horse-back honeymoon in Alberta’s wilds to guiding hunters for world record trophies, horses represented one constant in his life. Those interested in horses, hunting or simply every day survival,  will enjoy this account of a full and adventurous life.

The book contains illustrations from well-known Alberta artist, John Stone, as well as photographs with special emphasis on Del’s experience as a big-game guide. Within the text you will also find YouTube links directing you to motion image clips from 8 mm film. These clips show details of life nearly forgotten today.

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