I think one of the greatest adrenalin rushes a writer or would-be-writer can have relates to the sale of one’s creation.  A few of my titles have sold through Smashwords and the Apple Bookstore.  However, in getting notice of my sales, I was also informed that non-US based writers will only be paid through PayPal.Continue reading “Taxation”

Linked Table of Contents

For many years my primary writing tool has been Microsoft Word.  It seems to be the standard.  All my recent writing has been in Word 11 for the Mac.  All versions since Word 2000 have the ability to automatically generate a hyperlinked Table of Contents.  Within an e-book, this means one can go to theContinue reading “Linked Table of Contents”

ISBN or International Standard Book Number

ISBN designators In Canada the Federal Government provides a free ISBN service  through Collections Canada: A FAQ on the government website suggested one needs a specific ISBN number for each format of an electronic document.  e.g. PDF, RTF, MOBI and EPUB etc.  

Cover Pages and Internal Images

I circled the Smashword’s wagon for a few weeks wondering how it would fit my needs.  One good pointer suggested I prepare a cover 800 pixels high x 500 pixels wide to upload as part of the Smashword’s requirement.  Spent much of a day preparing a similar cover to that on a printed paperback. AnotherContinue reading “Cover Pages and Internal Images”

Smashwords as a publishing option

Obviously hundreds of thousands of people have been down this road before me in their efforts to become published authors.  Yesterday, I spent some time looking at Smashwords.  The price was right, but the product seemed limited.  Will look again. Now, I need to move back to my first novel, Stonechild Volunteers in the Stonechild Chronicles.  AfterContinue reading “Smashwords as a publishing option”

A WordPress Choice

My father, Del Burk, wrote a biography, Horses, Trails and Trophies, mainly describing the more difficult and special moments in his life as a big game guide.  His experiences took him to the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the Casiar Mountains of BC, the buffalo plains and McKenzie Mountains of the North West Territories, and the CoastContinue reading “A WordPress Choice”