The Christian in a Post-truth World

Being a linear thinker I’ve had difficulty shifting to a post-truth world where data means naught and feelings mean everything.  Through the years I’ve nestled safely within the arms of governments conscious of Christian values of morality, fidelity, charity and a belief in the Almighty according to a Judaeo-Christian worldview.

A belief that marriage exists for the procreation, protection and nurture of the next generation makes me hateful to many in the mainline media, and even to governments who, up to the present time, have been protective of free expression.

And, when it comes to belief in a deity, even our governor-general as of 2018, follows the dictum of the famed atheist, Richard Dawkins, who, when asked how to combat Christians, said:  “Ridicule them.”

It’s interesting how so many scientists fought evidence of the Big Bang theory and its shattering impact on the long-held position that our universe is “all there is, all there was, and all that ever will be.”  Also interesting is the way this theory provided wriggle-room for those Christians who wished to fit evolution into their God-centric world view.

I watched a recent YouTube video where a 14 year old boy confronted Ravi Zaccharias, a well-know Christian apologist, with the question, “What is the meaning of my life?”  Ravi didn’t give an answer, but set my mind working.  I remembered something from the Westminster Confession and went googling.  There I found that this confession had been initiated and approved by the British Parliament in 1646-47.  For myself as a Christian, those first words define the meaning of life.  Strange words, words as lacking in an empirical base as “What is the meaning of my life?”  Those words being,  The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Other details of the Confession may not be so palatable, but I find these words most significant.

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I spent most of my professional years working in Educational Technology. A job and a passion. I am now trying to retool as a writer. My web site focuses on the Stonechild Chronicles, novels of a young Cree trapper and linguistic prodigy who volunteers for a private Scots regiment as the world braces for WW 2. I publish through If you search there by Jim Burk or Stonechild you will find my content including a biography of my father, "Horses, Trails and Trophies."

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